Truong Phuoc Plastic (TP Plastic) is a Vietnamese plastic brand built and developed by Truong Phuoc Long An Co., Ltd., specializing in manufacturing and distributing products in the plastic industry that meet European standards.

With many years of experience in the field of plastic production, TP Plastic is proud to be one of the pioneer enterprises in the industry, cooperating with many domestic and international enterprises such as: North America, Europe, China,…


With the potential to develop a strong plastic industry in Vietnam, TP Plastic has been making our best efforts and is determined to build TP Plastic into the leading plastic packaging brand in Vietnam, bringing high-quality European export standards products to the consumers, which are safe and environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, TP Plastic will continue to cooperate with foreign partners to expand market share and enhance brands in Southeast Asian countries, conquer difficult countries in the world, and promote the exportation of high-quality products.


TP Plastic operates with the motto “Quality is the foundation of development, taking customers as the center, implementing social responsibility and contributing to environmental protection”.

We always aim for high quality Vietnamese plastic packaging products, meeting international standards and competitive prices in the market. TP Plastic will focus on investing in research and application of advanced production technology to minimize waste into the environment, and is ready to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to share experiences, knowledge and power.



Jan 2018

Established. The first plastic factory was built in Duc Hoa district, Long An province, Viet Nam, and launched the first steps in the plastic production process.

Jun 2018

Penetrate international market. The company began to expand its business and received its first international order from partner Red Nail in the United States. This is an important turning point marking the development of TP Plastic in the international market.

Oct – 2019

Construction of the second factory. TP Plastic has built a second factory in Ben Luc district, Long An province, Viet Nam. The new factory has a larger area and is equipped with modern machinery, helping the company improve productivity and product quality.

Apr – 2021

Entering the European market. TP Plastic continues to expand its market to Europe and receive international orders from European countries.


Plastic bags

Plastic bags made from LDPE, HDPE, PE, PP… are widely used in packaging food, goods…

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Trash bags

Including drawstring trash bags, SVT handles, pet trash bags, biodegradable trash bags…

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Commercial packaging

High quality plastic used in packaging such as stretch wrap, sealing bags, etc.

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Plastic products used in medicine (sterilization bags and bottles), kitchen utensils, nail industry…

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ISO 22000:2018 AND
ISO 9001:2015

Truong Phuoc achieved 2 important ISO certificates, a demonstration of Truong Phuoc Plastic Co., Ltd.’s commitment to product quality and food safety.


With large production capacity and experienced staff, TP Plastic targets OEM – ODM companies; suppliers; wholesale customers; and retail customers.



Truong Phuoc Plastic’s products go through a strict production process, with superior technology and meet international quality standards. Not only it is the choice of domestic customers, Truong Phuoc’s products are also exported to many demanding markets such as the United States and Europe…