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Currently on the market there is a tendency to use high-end product lines for construction projects, aluminum door products are one of the top choices with the following outstanding features:
– Sustainability:
+ Shown in the solid structure of aluminum bars manufactured according to international standards, can withstand all pressures of winds and storms above level 12.
+ Does not warp, shrink, oxidize and rust over time like some conventional reinforced plastic door products in harsh climates or coastal climates.
+ No termites like wooden door products.
+ The bars of the aluminum system are painted with electrostatic paint with high-quality paints and film layers imported from Italy, so the life of the paint layer is almost not affected and is not discolored by hot weather like a number of plastic door and wooden door products.
– High aesthetics:
+ The aluminum system is made up of many different aluminum bars, making the door, in addition to being sustainable, also highly aesthetic, not just monotonous aluminum bars with box-shaped or square cross-sections like some conventional types of aluminum, making erase the roughness of metal.
+ In addition to the common white porcelain color, customers can choose wood grain colors that match the color of the house with film-coated varieties of ironwood grain, laminate wood, pine wood… very luxurious and aesthetic. .
+ Designed to combine the aesthetic habits of Asians and the luxurious modernity of Europe, aluminum doors bring the feeling of a house that is sturdy but not rough, soft but not weak.
– Easy to assemble:
+ High-quality aluminum door systems are easy to assemble with many different types of glass and locks available on the Vietnamese market, creating many choices for customers. You can create large doors and erect majestic walls without having to worry about construction issues and safety during use.
– Convenient:
+ High quality aluminum door system is very easy and saves time for cleaning and maintenance. Using this product can minimize the area for small projects and narrow corners while still ensuring ventilation and convenience, very good sound insulation and completely avoiding rainwater entering the house, including it was raining heavily. Opens and closes quickly and conveniently.
+ High-quality aluminum systems are used in a variety of ways for doors, A-shaped windows, pop-up windows, shutters, sliding doors, partitions… creating synchronization, suitable for the project and its use. product uses. Usually people use laminated safety glass in this door system. In addition, tempered glass, colored glass, reflective glass, regular glass can be used… depending on the customer’s requirements.
The door product uses synchronized accessories from the famous accessory manufacturer Kin Long, creating a high quality, aesthetic, safe, and affordable product suitable for villas and townhouses. , luxury apartment,…
Combining large aperture aluminum with glass creates open doors, close to nature, suitable for many different architectures from classic to modern. In addition, the accompanying synchronous metal accessories system, gaskets, and glue help the product have high tightness and sound and heat insulation.

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