Sterilization bag, self-sealing autoclave bag, nail tools storage,9cm x 19cm, 200 pcs/box

Sterilization Pouch in the nail care industry is a type of bag designed to hold and protect nail tools during the sterilization process, ensuring safety, hygiene, and preventing bacterial contamination when used for multiple clients.

Because it’s designed to maximize safety when reusing metal tools, the quality of Sterilization Pouch must be high and carefully considered. If low-quality Sterilization Pouches are used, it may result in poor sterilization performance, low durability, loose sealing, cross-contamination, etc. Sterilization Pouches from Truong Phuoc Plastic are the perfect choice as they meet high-quality standards for sterilization.

Sterilization Pouch Self-Sealing Autoclave Bags

Technical Specifications

  • Material: PET/CPP, paper
  • Size: Width 9cm, Length 19 to 26 cm
  • Color: Blue
  • Design: Self-sealing mouth, one side PET/CPP, one side paper, heat-sealed bag edge, tear notch in the corner.

Prominent Advantages of Truong Phuoc Plastic’s Sterilization Pouch

  • High-quality materials.
  • Usable in various sterilization conditions.
  • Sturdy heat-sealed design, ensuring hygiene.
  • Smart tear notch design for easy opening during use.
  • Secure adhesive mouth, no peeling during storage.

Applications of Sterilization Pouch

Sterilizing and storing nail tools before use.


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