Mailer Bags

Mailer Bags, essential in the world of shipping and e-commerce, offer a secure and efficient packaging solution. Crafted from durable materials, these bags provide protection against external elements, ensuring the safe delivery of goods. Their lightweight design helps reduce shipping costs while maintaining strength and flexibility. Featuring a self-sealing mechanism, Mailer Bags simplify the packaging process, saving time and effort. With customizable specifications, such as size and color, these bags cater to diverse shipping needs. Whether used for small businesses or large-scale operations, Mailer Bags are a reliable choice for streamlined and secure packaging in the modern shipping landscape.




  1. Width from 6 in to 24 in
  2. Length from 9 in to 36 in
  3. Thickness from 2 mil to 3 mil



Item list of Mailer Bags

Document of profile of Mailer Bags

Strip Line
USMB.0016in x 9in x 3milPink, gray
USMB.0026in x 9in x 2milWhite, gray
USMB.0037½in x 10½ in x 3milBlue, gray
USMB.0047½in x 10½ in x 2milWhite, gray
USMB.0059in x 12in x 3milBlack, gray
USMB.0069in x 12in x 2milWhite, gray
USMB.00710in x 13in x 3milWhite, gray
USMB.00810in x 13in x 2milWhite, gray
USMB.00912in x 15½in x 3milWhite, gray
USMB.01012in x 15½in x 2milWhite, gray
USMB.01114in x 17in x 3milWhite, gray
Without Strip Line
USMB.01214½in x 19in x 3milWhite, gray
USMB.01319in x 24in x 3milWhite, gray
USMB.01424in x 24in x 3milWhite, gray
USMB.01524in x 36in x 3milWhite, gray

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In the rapidly expanding era of online shopping, businesses of all sizes, whether large or small, seek effective packaging solutions. Our LDPE Mailer Bags offer an ideal solution for sellers, ensuring both secure and cost-effective packaging. These Mailer Bags exhibit a soft and remarkably flexible nature. The adhesive seal at the top, coupled with a robust bottom and sturdy side seams, provides absolute protection for your goods against various weather conditions such as rain and sun. The bag's black interior and customizable exterior colors enhance the security of your package. The specifications of our Mailing Bags are highly adaptable, catering to the diverse needs of different customers.

With lengths ranging from 9 in to 24 in and widths from 6 in to 19 in, Truong Phuoc Plastic guarantees that our Mailer Bags are the perfect choice for your business.

Truong Phuoc Plastic proudly offers the most attractive minimum order quantity policies in the market, exclusive to us. This not only facilitates your product experience but also reflects our confidence in the quality of our offerings.

For markets with substantial and enduring development potential, such as the US, we consistently provide the most favorable policies to foster collaboration and mutual development. Committed to sustainable growth, we prioritize enhancing product quality to provide competitive advantages for our partners. Join hands with Truong Phuoc Plastic factory and unlock opportunities for development and long-term cooperation.