Nylon Aprons

Nylon Aprons, a durable and versatile protective garment, redefine functionality and style. Crafted from high-quality nylon, these aprons offer robust resistance against stains and spills, making them ideal for culinary endeavors or messy creative pursuits. Their lightweight yet sturdy design ensures comfort during extended wear, while adjustable straps provide a customizable fit. The sleek nylon surface makes cleaning a breeze, enhancing overall convenience. Whether in the kitchen, workshop, or artistic studio, Nylon Aprons effortlessly marry practicality with a modern aesthetic, elevating the wearer's experience with a blend of resilience, ease of use, and a touch of contemporary flair.




  1. Width from 22 in to 28 in
  2. Length from 15 in to 46 in
  3. Thickness 16 mic



Item list of Nylon Aprons

Document of profile of Nylon Aprons

USAP.00124in x 35in/28in x 46inClear/White/
USAP.00224in x 35in/28in x 46inClear/White/
USAP.00322in x 15inClear/White/
USAP.00427in x 46inNatural
USAP.00527in x 46inBlue
USAP.00627in x 46inWhite
USAP.00727in x 46inRed
USAP.00827in x 46inGreen
USAP.00927in x 46inPink

Improve the quality of life with plastic aprons from Truong Phuoc Plastic! No more worrying about grease stains ruining your clothes when cooking or enjoying a meal, and no more fear of lightness to avoid tearing old generation aprons, because now, there are quality nylon aprons.

Not only limited to the kitchen space, Truong Phuoc Plastic’s nylon aprons with soft and flexible plastic material are also perfect for upgrading services at your restaurant. Especially for seafood and hot pot restaurants, using our plastic aprons not only saves costs but also optimizes customer experience. Your customers can completely enjoy their food without worrying about any problems related to adhesion and dirt.

Truong Phuoc Plastic owns 02 modern factories in Vietnam with a total area of ​​6.000 m2. With extensive experience in manufacturing and exporting products to international markets, we are proud to be a reputable factory processing high quality nylon aprons. We used flexible, sturdy PE plastic materials combined with advanced production lines to create nylon aprons.

Truong Phuoc Plastic is ready to provide the most attractive minimum order quantity policies on the market that are only available from us. This is not only support for you to experience the product but also confidence in the quality of our products.

For markets with large and lasting development potential like the US, we always provide the most preferential policies to expand cooperation and development opportunities for both sides. For sustainable development, we focus on developing product quality to create competitive advantages for our partners. Let’s become a partner of Truong Phuoc Plastic factory to open up opportunities for development and long-term cooperation.