Medical Waste Bags

Medical Waste Bags from Truong Phuoc Plastic provide a secure and reliable solution for the containment and disposal of medical waste. Crafted with a waterproof design and high thickness, these bags effectively prevent infections from sharp medical waste, ensuring utmost safety in healthcare settings. Ranging from 24in to 50in in length, 30in to 40in in width, and 16mic to 33mic in thickness, these bags meet rigorous standards. With a commitment to quality, Truong Phuoc Plastic's Medical Waste Bags prevent tears, punctures, and cross-contamination, making them an indispensable choice for healthcare professionals prioritizing safety and hygiene. Aenean nascetur vehicula egestas a adipiscing a est egestas suspendisse parturient diam adipiscing mattis elementum velit pulvinar.


Trash bag


  1. Width from 24 in to 40 in
  2. Length from 24 in to 50 in
  3. Thickness from 1 mil to 3 mil



Item list of Medical Waste Bags

Document of profile of Medical Waste Bags

Sterilization Pouch Self Sealing
USSSP.0019cm x 19cm
USSSP.0029cm x 26cm
Medical Trash Bag
USLTBF.00630in x 43in x 1milLDPE
USLTBF.00740in x 48in x 3millLDPE
USLTBF.00840in x 46in x 3millLDPE
USLTBF.00940in x 48in x 1,3milLDPE
USLTBF.01037in x 50in x 1,3milLDPE
USHDBI.00124in x 24in x 16micHDPE
USHDBI.00233in x 39in x 16micHDPE
USHDBI.00330in x 43in x 16micHDPE
USHDBI.00440in x 48in x 16micHDPE
USHDBI.00540in x 46in x 16micHDPE
USHDBI.00640in x 48in x 16micHDPE
USHDBI.00737in x 50in x 16micHDPE

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In today’s era, the requirements for hygiene and infection prevention are increasing, not only in the medical field such as hospitals and clinics, but also expanding to spas, nail salons, beauty salons, etc. Truong Phuoc Plastic is a reliable partner providing safe hygiene products such as self-sealing sterilization bags, medical trash bags, protective gear,…

Sterilization Pouch is used in the nail industry, as a special solution to protect and sterilize nail tools. Designed to ensure safety and prevent bacterial infection when used on a variety of customers, Truong Phuoc Plastic’s Sterilization Pouch ensures high quality, good sterilization performance, high durability, and a sealed mouth. sure room. Truong Phuoc Plastic’s sealed bags have the following dimensions:

– Width: 3.5 in.

– Length: from 7.5 in to 10 in.

Medical waste bags, made to contain and protect medical waste, are a safe and effective solution. Waterproof design and high thickness help prevent infection from sharp medical waste. Truong Phuoc Plastic’s medical waste bags fully meet the requirements for durability and safety, preventing tears, punctures and cross-contamination. With a high-tech manufacture line, Truong Phuoc Plastic’s medical waste bags have the following parameters:

– Length: from 24 in to 50 in.

– Width: from 30 in to 40 in.

– Thickness: from 16 mic to 33 mic.

Truong Phuoc Plastic owns 02 modern factories in Vietnam with a total area of ​​6.000 square meters. With extensive experience in manufacturing and exporting products to international markets, we are proud to be a reputable factory processing high quality trash bags. Truong Phuoc Plastic is ready to provide the most attractive minimum order quantity policies on the market that are only available from us. This is not only support for you to experience the product but also confidence in the quality of our products.

For markets with large and lasting development potential like the US, we always provide the most preferential policies to expand cooperation and development opportunities for both sides. For sustainable development, we focus on developing product quality to create competitive advantages for our partners. Let’s become a partner of Truong Phuoc Plastic factory to open up opportunities for development and long-term cooperation.