Starseal Trash Bags

Starseal Trash Bags redefine waste disposal with their innovative design and exceptional functionality. The distinctive star-shaped seal at the bottom of these bags ensures leak-proof performance, preventing any liquids or refuse from escaping. Crafted from high-quality materials, these bags exhibit strength and durability, making them suitable for a variety of waste types. The starseal also allows for easy, efficient packaging and removal. Available in different sizes and thicknesses, Starseal Trash Bags provide a versatile solution for homes, businesses, and various industries. Choose these bags for a reliable, mess-free, and hygienic waste containment and disposal experience.


Trash bag


  1. Width from 18 in to 47 in
  2. Length from 26 in to 58 in
  3. Thickness from 0,9 mil to 3 mil



Item list of Starseal Trash Bags

Document of profile of Starseal Trash Bags

Jumbo trash bags,
13-16 gallon, 19 pcs/pack
USLTBF.00122in x 35,4in x 25micYellow
USLTBF.00222in x 35,4in x 25micGreen
USLTBF.00322in x 35,4in x 25micBlack

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Starseal Trash Bags are popular products on the market nowadays. However, consumers are struggling with poor-quality trash bags, some are thick but easily tear, some leak water at the bottom, etc. Truong Phuoc Plastic always prioritizes product quality to bring good experiences to customers by improved manufacturing lines, used high-quality materials, and optimized design. Our Starseal trash bag have a heat-sealed bottom design to anti water leakage, and are made of flexible PE plastic that is difficult to puncture. Besides, we can adjust Starseal Bags’ specifications such as:

  • Length from 24 in to 58 in
  • Width from 18 in to 43 in
  • Thickness from 13 mic to 50.8 mic

The colors of our Starseal Bags can be customized according to customer requirements.