Defective Product (From supplier side) Faulty Product (From user side) Faultless Products
1 – 14 days Renewal Pay No Fees Does not support return Innovation
15 days onwards Does not support return


1. Cases of return and exchange:

  • The product has a manufacturer error (damage, product breakdown, technical error, etc.).
  • Products damaged during delivery.
  • Products expired or close to expiration date.
  • Products doesn’t match your prior selection due to Compose the wrong product or get the wrong color, product type.
  • Products is brand new, boxed and fully sealed, not used yet.

2. Cases where exchange and return are not applicable.

  • Gift products, products in special discount programs.
  • Products has surpassed the return & refund period (14 days).
  • Product is not brand new, seals broken, box damaged.
  • Products has been tried or used 1 time or more.
  • Products’ boxes are scratched or damaged by customers.
  • The product is not purchased from the party

3. Payment method:

  • receive and return products to customers within 14 days, counting from the date customers buy or receive products from the delivery party.
  • Customers need to notify staff reason for return and correct address, phone number to contact can perform the product return process as quickly as possible according to the customer’s request.
  • values customers’ satisfaction and always focuses on improving the serivce, Receive free product returns for customers in accordance with the above regulations. Guests in Long An area, Encourage customers to come to the factory so that the staff can check the products and customers can view & choose to change the product according to your wishes. For provincial customers, you can send goods by post & Contact about exchange products, postal codes, etc. to to process your request and send the right products to you afterwards.

4. CShipping costs when returning products

  • If the product is defective from the user, you must pay the delivery party yourself.
  • If the product is defective due to the department store as in section 1 (cases of return or exchange), the department store will bear the delivery fee.

5. When can users receive a refund when returning products?

  • When we receive the product, we will pay cash or transfer to you within the day. No more than 3 working days.