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Drawstring Trash Bag, HDPE plastic, Size L, 20in x 22in x 18mic, 50 pcs/roll

Weight 13.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 14.57 × 7.48 in
Trash bags type

Trash bags width

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Truong Phuoc Plastic researches and produces next generation trash bags for the market. So what is it about Truong Phuoc Plastic’s trash bags that are called next generation trash bags?

Our trash bags have a variety of designs such as smart drawstrings, unique flat seal trash bag mouths with S-V-T cutouts, and convenient small pet trash bag sizes. Truong Phuoc Plastic trash bags can serve most people’s trash bag needs.

Flat seal bags are extremely familiar to everyone, however with Truong Phuoc Plastic, a next generation of trash bags was born with the S-V-T mouth design. This design helps women easily tie the mouth of the bag and conveniently bring it to the collection area without worrying about getting dirty. The sturdy heat press line at the bottom of the bag can keep wastewater from flowing out and causing unpleasant odors.

Truong Phuoc Plastic brings a great gift to every home’s kitchen, which is a smart drawstring trash bag with a flat seal and sturdy side seams. Women will no longer have to be afraid to get their hands dirty when grabbing the mouth of the trash bag, worrying about the trash bag being punctured, carefully lifting the trash bag to check if the bottom is leaking water, etc. Just by pulling the drawstring at the top. At the top of the bag, the waste is neatly wrapped and ready to be thrown away.

For families with dogs and cats, cleaning up trash will be easier with our pet trash bags. The bag size is just right for one cleaning, economical, and does not leave a bad smell in the house. Along with that is a small roll design, easy to carry when taking your pet out.

To produce next generation trash bags, Truong Phuoc Plastic used high quality virgin PE plastic, ensuring flexibility, durability, and safety for users. Combined with that, advanced machinery lines and highly automated systems ensure uniform product quality, minimizing errors.

Truong Phuoc Plastic is ready to provide the most attractive minimum order quantity policies on the market that are only available from us. This is not only support for you to experience the product but also confidence in the quality of our products.